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Motorized window coverings can effectively capture the personal essence of any room in your home. They help take charge of natural lighting, changing bright light into pleasantly muted light or even darkening rooms or areas for a comfy afternoon nap or deep, overnight snoozing. Motorized window shades and covers also help to maintain privacy, highlight the beauty of your outdoor vistas, provide shelter from the sun's heat, and protect furniture and artwork from fading. With a gentle tap of your fingertip, you can use your touch screen tablet or smart phone to lower, raise, retract, slide and tilt the shades in any room of your home at any time of the day.

Motorized shades are an excellent way to get the privacy you need while still allowing light in. They allow people to control the amount of privacy they want and the amount of light they let in from outside. Motorized shades are a great alternative to window treatments for large windows or sliding glass doors because they can be controlled from a remote, mobile app, or a wall switch. Motorized shades are a timeless design that reduce heat and glare, and block out the light when you want to sleep in.

High ceilings are beautiful, especially when sunlight hits them through tall windows at noon. The problem is drawing the blinds for tall windows when you want to keep the sunlight out. Installing electric blinds is an easy way to avoid the problem, and with a simple flip or tap of a button, you can decide when to let in a little light without having to reach or use a ladder. Carolina Custom Sound offers automated blinds for tall windows that solve the dilemma and make controlling how you enjoy your home easier and more efficient.

Motorized shades are a seamless design and come in a variety of colors and textures, like silk, bamboo, vinyl, and cotton materials. Carolina Custom Sound is the #1 trusted motorized shade installer in North Carolina. We have been installing custom designed window treatments for many years. We pride ourselves on being the best window treatment installers in North Carolina. Carolina Custom Sound services homes and installs motorized shades in Charlotte, Clemmons, Greensboro, Winston Salem, and other surrounding areas. Contact us today if you need a quote on a new set of motorized shades for your home!

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