Home Lighting Made Simple

How would you like to be able to have your home lighting match any mood or activity? With intelligent lighting you can easily set presets to control the environment of any room in the house. Press a single button to turn on scenes for any occasion like having people over and entertaining. Or set certain lights in your home to automatically come on when the sun sets and then dim over the course of an evening to help you wind down and prepare for bed. A lighting control system can also remove wall clutter caused by banks of light switches and replace them with a single, elegant keypad. Take control over your lighting in every room, and make your home smarter, and a place that you and your family will further enjoy living in.

What Is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting is the installation of LED lights to make your home more energy-efficient and cost-effective. These LED lights are controlled by a remote, smartphone app, or even voice control. Smart lighting systems allow you to control individual bulbs or all the lights in your house with just the push of a button. You can set up scenes that will automatically activate when you arrive home or get ready for bed, so that your hallway will turn on only when you enter it and the kids' bedrooms will light up at bedtime. Automating your lights with a smart home system has many benefits including: saving money on your energy bill, having a more comfortable, relaxing home environment, and the ability to set it and forget it! With lighting automation, you'll never worry about forgetting to turn off the lights again!

Carolina Custom Sound offers a variety of custom smart lighting solutions. The company was created with the goal of providing customers with the best customer care and customer service in the industry. We offer full lighting design that includes retrofitting LED lights, but also includes energy efficient lighting options like CFLs, LEDs, and other cost effective fixtures.

Whole Home Smart Lighting Solutions in North Carolina

Carolina Custom Sound is your #1 trusted home automation installer for your smart lighting installation. We offer custom lighting design that includes LED retrofitting, energy efficient lighting options, and more. The team at Carolina Custom Sound are experts in installing a wide range of in-home electronics projects including audio systems integration, audio/video streaming solutions, surveillance cameras, garage door opener installations - the list goes on! At Carolina Custom Sound, we will give you the best customer care and customer service in the industry. Our North Carolina based electricians have been working in the field for many years and have a deep understanding of how to deliver high quality installation projects that exceed homeowner expectations. We service multiple North Carolina suburbs like Charlotte, Clemmons, Greensboro, Winston Salem and surrounding areas. To contact us for more information or to set up an appointment, call us today or fill out the form below!


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